How a Root Canal Affects Your Teeth

When your tooth becomes infected, it is called a tooth infection. In the last few years, a lot of people have had problems with their teeth and this includes the common experience of having a root canal.

A tooth or teeth to become infected because of bacteria that become stuck in the tooth cavity. An oral surgeon uses a root canal to get rid of the teeth and any bacteria that might be in them. The dentist will make small incisions in the gum and remove part of the tooth.

For each tooth that needs to be removed, a different procedure will be performed. If the tooth has other infections, the dentist will go over it with an X-ray. This will determine if the tooth has any complications and what kind of procedure the dentist needs to perform.

To do a root canal, the dentist will make two small incisions in the side of the tooth. He will take out part of the tooth and move it to the side. Then he will stitch the tooth back together and put it in the right place. By doing this, the tooth will heal faster and won’t cause any complications to the other teeth.

To get a good look at the tooth, the dentist may run a light around the tooth cavity. By doing this, he can see any damage that the tooth might have gotten before the procedure was done.

The dentist can also remove any filling that is on the tooth. This is usually a plastic, which can be replaced later by another. After all of the damage is done, the dentist will put in a piece of metal and put it into the tooth.

It might take a little while for the dentist to get the tooth completely healed. During this time, he will put a crown on the tooth. The crown will be made of porcelain and the edge of the crown will be made of gold.

Usually, the dentist will take some pain medication to help him numb the area. After the oral surgeon does his work, he will put in a screw or an implant in the mouth so that the teeth will align correctly.

Once the tooth is in place, he will reattach the roots that have been removed and the teeth will grow in to replace the new teeth. The tooth should grow in properly after the root canal. You can find out if the tooth will go in or not by going to the dentist for an examination.

The dentist will also measure how much of the tooth is missing and where. If there is anything that looks wrong, then the dentist will tell you. If the tooth does not fill up right, the dentist will probably have to make another one of these to fix it.

Having a root canal can be very painful. You will be in a lot of pain. The dentist will give you pain medications so that you can deal with the pain.

To prevent the tooth from getting infected, you will need to take care of your teeth after a root canal. Brush them on a regular basis. Do not let food get between the teeth or the area where the tooth was removed.